Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My Edward Cullen Moment

Bought Vegetarian Bee Hoon for lunch from the market.

Fainting spell at Outram MRT platform. I was lying near one of the doors when I gained conscious. Imagine how many people saw me with that pale white face. Once again, I looked like Edward Cullen. Got to thank the pregnant malay nurse, a malay lady and the 2 SMRT staff who helped me. Bless them. Got onto a wheelchair and into the First Aid Room. Took a rest for about 20mins before I walked my way to work. Reached workplace at 9am.

Lost another kg and now I have reached my dream weight. I should be happy but I'm not. Watched 'Night At The Museum' and downloaded some sentimental piano music. Need soothing music to ease my menstrual cramp. Bought a chocolate twist and organic apple cider for snack. Going to practise on the piano later.

I don't envy anyone for there is no eternity.

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