Friday, September 11, 2009

Lunchtime Shopping at Far East Plaza

Took a cab to Far East Plaza at 11:30am from workplace to collect some stuff for a colleague.I bought a dress from 凯, a pink lingerie set from Sheer Romance and a caesar salad from Pastamania. I can finish errands and shopping in 1.5hr. Back to workplace and had soy beancurd for lunch.

A candidate came for an interview but all of us didn't really like her. Feeling she can't click with us. I played a few games of the Color Linez, my highest record was 316. The highest record among us was 800+. Secretly had my caesar salad at 4pm in a quiet room, eating too much lettuce made me felt like an herbivore.

I'm still having flu, had chinese medicine yesterday night and this morning. Puked out lots of yellowy phlgem, i'm in heat. To save myself, drinking lots of water is the best medicine.

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