Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Introducing My New Blogskin

Credits to CSX for helping me with the new blogskin yesterday night. Had to change it because my mum has been complaining that it is too revealing and since CSX is free. Made an appointment for sensual body massage on coming Tuesday evening after my dental appointment.

Heard a piece of bad news at work today. Just pray hard everything will be ok. Had economical bee hoon for lunch and french toast for high-tea. Don't really like the coffee.

Received news that I might get the ad together with 4 other models. Get to shoot with cars on Sunday.

Went back Clementi with Jac since she went nearby my workplace for an interview. Has been quite a while since we last chatted. Saw HM at Redhill MRT platform and so I called her since we were on the train.

Will be meeting SF and HM tomorrow after my course.

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