Sunday, September 20, 2009


Slept from 9:30am to about 4pm, waking up from time to time. Felt as if I didn't sleep at all with a pair of tired eyes.

Had some digestive biscuits, cookies and a small bowl of noodles for my late lunch. Went online and I had so many e-mails to reply. I should be glad that I have e-mails to reply the photographers and agencies, meaning that I am of some value. Went out alone to have Fish Slice Bee Hoon for dinner. Heard an imitation of 'Poker Face' from a CD stall, can't stand it. Why would someone buy a poorly imitated CD to save that little amount of money? I can only understand the need for imitated branded bags. I would rather use a brandless bag than an imitated branded bag. Bought some neccessities from Venus and home sweet home.

Thanks to KZ for informing me that I am on Import Rides Magazine page 24. It's the same small photo as in HotStuff issue 78. Better than nothing.

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