Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Happy Lunchtime

I have added the link to my portfolio on my blog. You can view it by clicking 'K' followed by 'Portfolio' and there you are.

Had nasi briyani for lunch and it was the first time I tried sambal chicken. At first, I thought it was full of oil but it's not too spicy. Thanks to my 2 female colleagues who helped me to pack a heavy lunch. We got so excited talking about Taiwan, all the shopping and Shilin Night Market. The 2 male colleagues from Duke-NUS joined us but left after they were done. The rest of my female colleagues came into the lounge to watch 'The Price Is Right' with us. Our favourite jump jump show.

Knocked off and I got stepped by an inconsiderate and uneducated auntie in the train. She didn't even said sorry when she stepped on my right leg 2nd toe. I was cursing her until I was back home. Had to apply medicationi because of the internal bleeding and bruise. I am walking like a duck again.

Will be going for a casting tomorrow afternoon. Wish me good luck!

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