Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Great Photoshoot with Antony

Woke up earlier than I am supposed to. Had breakfast, went online for a while and off for photoshoot with Antony. Took a train to Kallang and took a 10min walk to the studio. The flight of stairs was indeed long like the old shophouses. I should have taken a photo of it, missed.

Reached the studio early and Novia, the model before me, was still at the shoot. She looked great in the black leather corset. I envy her upper body figure. Alycia was the MUA (makeup artist). I had really thick makeup and my hair was straightened then recurled. Great hair volume and side parting. I know I can never apply such thick makeup on myself, my makeup skill is still low. Antony said I look like 14 yrs old without makeup, do I really look that youthful?

Shot with the 5 dresses I brought first. Followed by 'The Matrix' coats with tall, black boots. I looked totally cool and I'm not self-praising. Wait till you see the fabulous photos and you will agree with me. I had a few shots with the sword which Lucy Liu held in 'Kill Bill' too. Changed into the big white long-sleeved short and posed on the floor with red backdrop. The final outfit was an extremely long sheer black cloth hanging on me, an artistic look to bring the shoot to an end.

After me, was Jean aka Corset Queen. She has long legs and definitely a daring model.

Alycia, Novia and I left the studio together. Novia was sweet, gave me a cab lift to Tanjong Pagar MRT. Even the taxi driver was in the modelling conversation. Took a train back to Clementi back home. Had my shower, unpacked my stuff and off to pool with KZ.

I had a bowl of noodle soup for dinner while playing. That's just my second meal of the day because I missed my lunch. I didn't feel hungry the whole day, not that I am on diet. In almost all of today's games, we took so many turns before we finally had the first ball in. You can imagine how long we take to finish one game today. Sat at the bowling centre for about 30min for dear KZ to rest her legs. At the bowling centre, we witnessed some teenage guy bowl in a very unique way. He threw the ball practically into the air, letting it drop on the alley loudly. The ball had already flew 1/5 of the alley by the time it fell. Weren't he clever to gain a higher chance of getting a strike? We left the bowling centre at 10:45pm for home.

Just browsed the photos of a female who was in the FHM GND Top 100. Can't believe this particular woman can actually squeezed herself into the list. She does not have the height, looks and figure. The judges must have been blind-folded when they were told to do the selection. I dare to say I am at least taller and better-looking than her. Judges, please use magnifying glasses the next time.

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