Sunday, September 27, 2009

Bikini Photoshoot at Sentosa

To Sentosa

To Kok Meng's Birthday Party

Woke up at 6:45am for a photoshoot at Sentosa. Met Dennis, the organiser, at Harbourfront Mac together with another photographer. Took a cab to Tanjong Beach, got changed and settled at a spot further away.

There was a total of 4 photographers but Dennis will shoot from time to time using his digital camera. As you know, dogs were running on the beach and swimming in the sea, there were a few moments when 4 dogs were near us. I don't know their species but I was at the shoreline and these dogs kept 'disturbing' us by running past us and jumping into the sea. One particular dog even stayed close to me for quite sometime during the photoshoot. It just walked around me or swam behind me. The dog must be a male, said one of the photographers. See, even a dog is attracted to me.

Some shots of me were taken wet either in the water or water splashed on me. Had 2 bikinis for the photoshoot. Both sets are provided by one of the photographers, one of which was a micro bikini. Too small for me to cover the important parts. The shoot was about 2hours but I enjoyed myself tremendously. A big thank you to Dennis and the photographers.

One of the photographers left early so the rest of us went for lunch at Seah Im Food Centre. Had hokkien prawn noodles and sugar cane juice. Learnt a lot about the photographers' experiences and heard about some of the CS models' profile. I always ask for feedback to improve myself as I can't see what others see.

Took a bus home, unpacked my stuff and went online. Watched 1.5 episode of 'D.I.E.' and off to meet KZ and WX for Kok Meng's birthday party.

KZ and I was writing the birthday message while waiting for WX at Tiong Bahru. We are creative people so we came out with interesting birthday greetings. Took a shuttle bus to Downtown East only to realise the party is at Pasir Ris Coasta Sands because we were given the wrong address. Met Diyanah and Hidayah at Downtown East to wait for Kok Meng. The birthday boy was being sweet to drive us (not safely) from Downtown East to the destination. We finally had our dinner at the chalet and busybody-ed at some princess's birthday party due to her beach-y outlook. Went back on time for Kok Meng's cake-cutting ceremony. We left shortly and WX's bf drove KZ and I to Pasir Ris MRT Station.

Almost fell asleep on the train although we were chatting. My eyes got smaller as we were approaching Clementi. I alighted at Clementi and home sweet home.

My first ad shoot tomorrow afternoon. Let me have a smooth filming.

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