Sunday, May 31, 2009


Woke up early for a 1.5-hour photoshoot today and had 2 slices of multi-grain bread for breakfast. High fibre food is good for bowel movement. I went BHG to get some lingerie and managed to get 2 sets. I rewarded myself with a Green Tea Blended Cream and a Curry O'. Wanted to get a sandwich but I was quite full after the drink. Save money also.

Return home by bus and I slept really well for half an hour. Woke up at the right timing, just nice at the second last stop. My siblings went swimming, leaving the house with peace and I can occupy the room for the entire afternoon. Instant noodles with egg is my dinner for today. I just realised it was donkey years ago since I last cracked an egg. Not that I don't know how to cook but I am really scared of the oil.

Went to get something at Watsons and now I have the receipt to participate in the Watsons You Awards. I really do hope I get called for the interview. Wish me good luck, readers.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sporty Saturday

Had a photoshoot today morning. I guess the photos should turn out not bad. Workshop next week. Went home after photoshoot to get ready for dance practice at Nicholas's house.

Search the room for the 3 Sciences textbooks but only managed to find the Chemistry and Biology for LL. Dust all over the books. Had them cleaned and got ready to leave home. I went to KZ's house first and saw her cute cousin. She's adorable. We then went to the hawker nearby to join LL and Nicholas for lunch. I had wanton mee again.

Thanks to Nicholas's sister, we managed to figure out the beginning for the 2-min dance. We practiced for about 2 hours, it was definitely good exercise. Nicholas does have a little poor sense of coordination. Anyway, all we need is a final practice before the party and we are good to go. 'I want nobody nobody but you....'

We took a cab down to Far East Plaza, ya town again, as LL wants to get her costume for the party. She's going to be hippy. We went Gelare for a little luxury. We had either ice-cream waffle cone or ice-cream waffle. I have to say that the waffle is more expensive than Bravissimo so I am not willing to spend that much. Nicholas went off after he's done with his food and we continued shopping. LL bought bangles and hairband. I thought she will not spend that much 'cause she's not the shopaholic among us. Looks like the party's going to be fun.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Shopping Spree

Good news, I got a place for the 4WD photoshoot. The thought that I can pose on cool cars made me so excited. I am going to search for the perfect outfit.

Had a meeting with boss in the morning regarding my presentation next week and made edits to the presentation. Will be done with the editing by Monday. Had lunch with my colleagues again. I really miss the Ayam Penyet, will persuade my colleague to help me to buy lunch. Attend the presentation by the nerd and I must say he did present well. Maybe because his topic is easy. He was moving forward and backward like a grandma seating on a rocking chair. I was sitting beside him, covering my mouth to prevent anyone from hearing my giggle. The 2-hour meeting after that was almost unbearable. Time to time, my eyes were half-closed. It was until about 1.5hour later when I was fully awake. Thanks to the waffle I eaten before the meeting.

It was shopping time after work. I saw a yellow Ferrari during the bus journey to Bugis Street. I bought a pair of shorts and 2 pairs of flip flop. Was supposed to get the boots but couldn't find the design I want. As it was still early, I went to Far East Plaza to continue my search for the perfect pair of boots. I finally found them at Mondo, the price was expected. I also bought a pair of skinny jeans. The pair of skinny jeans I always wear seems to expand quite a bit and is no longer that skinny. The GSS has just begun and seems like I am going to shop like nobody's business.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Lucky Thursday

I saw my primary 6 partner today at workplace. I took quite some time to realise it was him. Not because his looks has changed but my brain needed some time to process in the morning. I could still remember the english name he gave himself. It was too late when I wanted to approach to ask if he remembers me. Don't know when will I see him again.

Went to buy lunch with my my other 3 colleagues today. It rained when we went back to office, really lucky. I miss the Ayam Penyet I had on Tuesday. Now I crave for Waraku soup pasta. Fine, I just had cup corn. Not forgetting I still left with a slice of papaya in the office fridge.

A presentation was cancelled as the meeting before that overrun. So, I went to another room to chat with a few of my colleagues since I had nothing much to do. All of us were overjoy when we were informed that tomorrow is Family Day and we can knock off at 5pm. Hooray!!!! What should I do on a Friday night?

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Geylang, here I come

I was asleep yesterday night until KZ called me at 11pm to go Geylang with Nicholas, Ranga and her. In 15 minutes, I was on the car with them. The travelling time was short as traffic was very smooth. We go round and round Geylang and finally found the hot area. We stopped in the car outside a pub where there are many guys and gals (mostly are you-know-what). We observed and gossiped for about an hour. It was interesting to see how the chickens packaged themselves to hook potential customers. As expected, most look like ah lian and not elegant. Unless you are talking about escorts. Of course, we did stop by a hawker to relieve our thirst. The clock is ticking so we get back to our Geylang adventure. We did drive into the narrow roads but we didn't spot many chickens. This is the problem when we aren't familiar with the red-light area. No choice but to return to the most happening area we thought which is outside the pub. So many taxis were outside the pub, waiting for money to roll in. The happening thing was that we saw the chickens and the guys disappear within seconds when 2 police cars arrived outside the pub. As the police cars arrived, we also headed home. I was too tired and fell asleep in the car. Got awoken when I heard KZ told the other two of them that I was sleeping. Reached home at 2:30am.

I was so reluctant to wake up today morning. I doze off on the train although I was standing. Had half a cold cranberry muffin before lunch. I was online shopping during lunch which explains why I didn't have lunch with my colleagues today in the 'pantry'. Still say I am anti-social. I know somebody miss my presence during lunch, haha. Attend the 2-hour "Extraordinary Synergy" today at the auditorium. My eyes were half open at the beginning. At least I didn't close my eyes totally like 3 of my colleagues. We each received a care pack, not so fruitful actually. Stupid enough to include a bottle of milk, so damn heavy and how am I suppose to carry it home? I shall leave it in the office until I thought of a solution. Don't say that my colleagues and I are kiasu, we actually packed eclairs and the grilled teriyaki chicken wings back to the office to eat after the event. The food will be in the dustbin even if we don't take right?

Took bus 147 to Queensway Shopping Centre again after work to collect the other present. I was sleeping on the bus back home. I must thank the lady who woke me up when the bus reached the last stop or else I would have got so embarrassed when the bus driver had to chase me out of the bus. To learn from the mistake, I must sleep early tonight.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ayam Penyet for Lunch

I had ayam penyet today for lunch. A colleague helped us to pack lunch from a famous stall. The chicken tastes like the kfc crispy chicken, tasty but I find it a little salty. It comes with soup too. It's a pity that I forgot to take a picture of it. Got to have it again. We also finished up the leftover cake at tea.

Headed to Queesway Shopping Centre after work today. Met WF for dinner then went to get presents with Jafar. I will need to go down again this week to collect one of the presents.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Birthday, Babitha!

Happy Birthday Babitha! We celebrated for her today during lunch at our 'pantry'. Ordered pastamania and KFC. I had my turkey bacon aglio again. The cake was purchased from Opus Deli, heavenly chocolate and sweet. Filled with macaroons, grapes and strawberries. We also had muffins for tea. Walnut banana muffin, cranberry muffin, chocolate chip muffin, vanilla cheese muffin... Are you drooling?

Catch up and dinner with Ming Chuan, my primary schoolmate, at Subway. Cold cut trio again, too bad there's no mushroom soup.

Went home after dinner at 9pm and surprisingly received an e-mail from a modelling agency. Guess what? The directors are my secondary school classmates. I did realise that there names are familiar but who knows that it could be just a coincidence. Last week I just knocked into the the other 1/3 of their gang, these coincidences are like arranged. I was on the phone with one of them to get the details after a few e-mails, I guess it won't be long till a meeting.

Will be going to buy someone's present today after work.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

My New HP

The comp card I created last week

YES! I bought a new SAMSUNG ULTRATOUCH! Cost me quite a bomb. I went IMM with KZ and Jafar in the afternoon to get it. The queue was so long, I waited for at least half an hour. Now the digital camera is not so important anymore, I have my 8-megapixel built-in camera in my HP. Envy leh? The GPS is going to be a waste since I am not driving. We went Long John Silver to eat and chat. We went home at 6:30pm, I need a good sleep.

I seriously hope tomorrow's weather will be cooling.

I want nobody nobody but you... I am going to dance all the way

Drinking Session

I had a great Saturday and I just reached home about 2 hours ago. I had a haircut, scalp and hair treatment at a salon at Clementi central. Cost me quite a bit and I realised my hair is super dry. Now i look like my sister. Went home online for a few hours and watched my HK serial.

Left home at night to Nicholas's house with KZ for drinking session. Jafar came, followed by Ranga then WF. We started taking pictures once everyone was present. See all the drinks on the table? We didn't finish all or all of us could end up as drunkards and vomit all around the house. We played a card game with the smallest card holder as the loser and has to finish up a shooter. We finished half a bottle of vodka in no time then the martell. KZ was the toughest, more than 6 shooters and survived. Nicholas was the first to collapse and ended up sleeping in his room, leaving the rest of us self-entertaining with videos, food and Chocolate. Thank you, host. And thanks to KZ for her 'Nobody' dance, now she can dance anywhere. All of us except Ranga went to sleep at abt 4am. I didn't know I actually snored ok? The sofa was nice to sleep on anyway. Woke up at 6:30am and we had breakfast at IMM Mac. I can't believe KZ actually danced in IMM like nobody's business. Brave ya? We went back to Nicholas's house and talked ghost stories in broad daylight. We left for home at 10am except for WF who has to work.

Probably will find her at her workplace later. Now I got to get some sleep. zzZZZ

Saturday, May 23, 2009

What a Fantastic Friday!

i'm back after a long good Friday so this is quite a long post. Everyone was commenting that my denim skirt is so short, at least is not as bad as the butt-hugging bandage skirt. Still dare to ask me to continue wearing like that on Friday to keep that nerd awake during meeting. No way am I going to let him take advantage of me. I don't even want to look at him, spoil my mood.

Work was rather simple today. Had a meeting with boss in the morning and he gave me work to do. I rather be busy than slacking around. Went to buy lunch with a colleague at canteen to bring back to office to enjoy with the other colleagues. Saw Zahidah at the lobby, a coincidence. I always enjoy having lunch in the office since the team has grown big and fun. Something for me to look forward to when working.

Had a meeting straight after lunch and yes, the nerd still sat beside me. The female staff were munching cracker peanuts and waffle biscuits to keep ourselves awake. I am seriously worried of gaining weight after I am on this job officially. The poster which I was involved in designing was finally printed. I have to admit I did almost nothing to make it happen but seems that everyone was happy with the final product. It's time to get things moving.

Had a discussion about Monday with my colleagues, surprise party is coming. Good food and pay day on Monday. All the good things come together. I am gonna get my SAMSUNG ULTRATOUCH real soon.

Went to City Hall after work and met Emily at Long John Silver, another coincidence. 2-hour photoshoot after work at a studio was not bad. Not that stressed as I have met the 2 freelance photographers before. I should improve on my posing, be more creative. Most importantly, STOMACH MUST TUCK IN. Had coffee with them and I learnt things from them, fulfilling.

When is it going to fall in place so I don't have to crack my head to make it happen?

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Food... and Food

Now my colleagues can guess what I will have for lunch. Cabbage, vegetables, papaya... no meat. They said they can't survive with my kind of diet, is it really that bad? At least I still consume proteins like egg and beancurd. Minimum fats. I am quite a standard person when comes to food. I was dreaming during the meeting today. The meeting was right after lunch so I got a little sleepy and the colleague beside me was like unwilling to share the notes with me. While he was reading the notes aloud, I was staring at the walls. I finally realised why he walks in a funny and undescribable way because he has hunchback. I guess his nerdiness contributes too.

Gonna have a party at office on Monday. I can't wait to taste the cake from Opus Deli, looks yummy from the photo. We shall have a photo-taking session. There shouldn't be Monday Blues then.

Yes! Friday is coming. Photoshoot tomorrow after work, extra cash again.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Quite an Expected Day

Glad that the miscommunication is resolved, once again laughter in the office is back. I had porridge for lunch then back to office then out of office again. I expected that I will need to travel (as in cab) during lunch today. I know I shouldn't sneak out after lunchtime but some things can't wait. No matter what, it's worth the risk. Can't wait for the weekend to come, I do hope the promise won't be broken again. Coincidentally, I saw Kelvin with his friend at Outram MRT today. Still as crappy.

I Stay In Love With You^^

Good Things Come Together

3 good news. Number 1: Had my appraisal yesterday morning, probation's over. Time to take necessary leave. Number 2: It's good news that I have one day off-in-lieu, all thanks to Vesak Day. Number 3: My blog skin is finally done. Credits to CSX for the layout of my blog. Thank you for spending almost the entire day to do this masterpiece :)

I had too much sweet corn yesterday. Mum cooked sweet corn soup for dinner and I had a bowl. I went pasar malam with my brother again, we had cup corn again. That's not all, I still ate a hotdog waffle and drank a packet of bird nest water. So, I have decided not to go to pasar malam today to stop myself from eating more.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Why do Mondays have to be so bad?

I thought this Monday would be alright when I was thinking in the morning. Ya, just thinking and it turned out to be the opposite in the afternoon. How bad can it get, right? Just one person is enough to cause an atomic bomb explosion. The sms-es, lies, missed calls and calls I refused to pick up made me crazy. I almost felt like throwing my HP into the toilet bowl and flushed it down all the way. Thank you for making my HP battery go flat and training my patience. What goes around comes around.

Enough about the bad stuff. I went pasar malam with my brother to buy food. Our favourite cup corn, guava, kacang, sausage and tutu kueh! i can have cup corn everyday. An advice from my mother, eat more sweet corn and you will get a natural blush. Believe it or not, i benefit from it. Not counting that I do blush easily. I will have to eat the tea leaf egg, muah chee, fishball, hotdog waffle and tako yaki the next time I pass by. Ah... so much food, are you drooling?


Get-Together Sunday

Woke up at 9:30am to prepare for 2 photoshoot back to back. Rushed from Bugis to Robertson Quay but it is all worthwhile for the money and the present. It all ended at about 2pm and I went Vivocity to meet my sec sch gang.

I had lunch with Jac, HM and WX at Kopitiam, as usual, hor fun. We window shopped for about an hour and SF came to join us at the National Geographic. Looks like some museum to me. We continued to shop and ended up in the restroom taking photos. It was until about 5:30pm when Jac left and YJ came to join us at Kim Gary for dinner. Time for baked rice. I know it was only about 3 hours between my lunch and dinner so no more food after that. We then went to level 3 to take lots of pictures again. WF came to join us at about 8pm after work and we went Pizza Hut at Habourfront with her for dinner. Of course I didn't eat. WX and I left at 9pm, all because the next day is Monday. It was surprising that the last minute organized so-called gathering was quite a success. I know HM is very proud that everyone gives her face. Although we didn't do much, photo-taking is always fun.

Looking forward to the upcoming b'day parties but means I need to save a lump sum for presents. Another photoshoot on Friday, yes! Coming weekend is going to be busy but fun again.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Wonderful Saturday

I woke up early for a 2-hour photoshoot on saturday morning. Should be getting the pictures real soon. Happy that my performance is better then last week.

Finally, I had shopping at orchard with my best poly friend, ML. She got her pumps and I got my heels. It was love at first sight with that pair of $30+ heels, it's amazing how shopping can make me crazy. We had lunch at Hans and walked from Far East Plaza to Wisma to Taka to Heeren and finally to Cineleisure. We took neoprint and above is one of them. I enjoyed a $1.70 walnut ice-cream stick purchased at the Korean shop in Cineleisure. Tasted like coffee to me. I shall try the cherry or corn ice-cream stick next time. ML had her so-called dinner at BK and we were taking pictures using our HPs. However, the photos don't turn out as beautiful as the neoprint. We then left home at about 8pm.

My saturday night was not over yet. I went to meet the partial dare gang at the Decoders for some games. I really have to admit Lady Luck has not been on my side these weeks. I have been getting forfeit. One of those was to make myself a clown and make the kitchen staff laugh. Unfortunately, I didn't succeed. I only succeeded in making my friends laugh. We had fun and laughter for 2 hours before heading home.

A so-so Friday

I'm taking some time off my beauty sleep to blog about yesterday. TGIF, everyone at workplace was kind of slack. Saw a funny video recommended by my colleague. I guess I was slow because I only understand the video the second time I watch it. If I managed to find the link, will share with my readers. My colleagues and I were doing research about durian products and cakes in the late afternoon for someone's birthday. This made me drool for the durian puffs at Angie's. When can I enjoy the delicious durian puffs again?

After work, headed off home for a shower and had myself prepared for the outdoor photoshoot. I will have the photos uploaded when I get them. I was too tense throughout the photoshoot so I don't dare to pin high hopes on having great photos like indoor photoshoot. I almost quarrelled with the photographer. Finally I get to participate in a photography workshop next month as a model. I need to get myself in tip top condition. NO more supper from tomorrow onwards and drink more water.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Finally, a day flew fast

I had a busy day at work today,replied e-mails and meetings. I am glad that time flew today. Had lunch with my colleagues at workplace and we had a good laugh. Thanks to the nerd. Hopefully there will be more of such fun together.

Back home after work and I had vegetarian chicken rice.I just saw one of my colleagues had chicken rice for lunch and I was thinking that it has been long since I had chicken rice. Coincidentally, I had chicken rice (although it is vegetarian) for dinner. So what's in this packet of vegetarian chicken rice? Rice, chicken made of beancurd skin and chilli. How come there was no cucumber? Probably because there was no garlic in the chilli therefore, there's no need to add cucumber to clear the garlic smell in the mouth. I heard this from a TV programme quite some time ago.

I went to Anchorpoint for my long lost desert. Steamed egg with ginger. After a few mouths, I got sick it. I used to find it delicious but now I find it too sweet. What used to be good may be bad now, vice versa.

Will be busy for the next few days so probably won't have time to blog. Will make it up with great pictures (hopefully there are). Be patient.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Wednesday

Today is indeed better then yesterday, at least my mood is better.

Got woke up by some surprise (not that unexpected) at 6am when I can sleep to 7am. Something needs to be done for this BIG CASE. May it end with a win-win situation.

As usual, nothing much at work. When can I stop wearing masks at workplace? Almost suffocate me to death. When can we stop taking temperature twice a day? It's too much of a hassle. H1N1 please disappear from the Earth...

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Not a Good Tuesday

Haix... I had quite a bad day, not due to work. Don't question me, don't wish to talk about it. I know I will be fine when I wake up tomorrow. Received 2 pictures from Mr Lem from the photoshoot last Saturday. I have uploaded them in the photobucket album. The link is in the previous post.

Had MOS Burger again today, ate the exact same meal. I said no more fastfood but I just did. Haix... Hoping for a better tomorrow.

Monday, May 11, 2009

No Monday Blues

I'm back after a long Monday. No Monday Blues for me, thank goodness. Nothing special happened at work today so I rather not bored you to death by telling you the things I did. I set up my photobucket account and below's the link to one of the albums. The other 2 albums are private so if you are curious to see what's inside, try sweet talk. I welcome comments, both good and bad, but please don't be ridiculous. Enjoy browsing :)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

At the Beginning

After much consideration, I have decided to start a blog on Mother's Day. It was a sudden thought. At least it helps me to record the things and people worth to be remembered.

Oh well, I had a long and interesting night yesterday and slept at almost daybreak. Low alcohol intake. Eski Bar is a freezer, cooling enough to make me shiver. Went for a 1-hour photoshoot today afternoon and dinner at MOS Burger. No more fastfood for this week, thanks to the mayo.

Btw, I am looking for modelling assignments so if you any to recommend, I would really appreciate it.

More to come...